Advanced Power Modules and Integrated Circuits

    The popularity of EVs has created stringent new demands on the performance and reliability of power electronic converters based on consumer demands and regulatory requirements. UTEV offers a variety of architectures, packaging materials and control strategies to optimize the performance of converter systems. The multiphysics nature of these systems necessitates a co-design approach that harmonizes its competing electrical and mechanical constraints. UTEV is developing integrated power-conversion solutions that leverage cutting-edge multidisciplinary research in electrical and mechanical domains to achieve optimal performance, volume and cost.

    • Ultra-compact charging solutions with integrated heat exchangers

    • Co-designed liquid-cooled thermal management system for optimized volume and cost

    • Integrated fault-tolerant mixed-signal control circuitry for improved performance and robustness

    • Wide-bandgap Semiconductors (SiC and GaN) for high-power density

    • Advanced jet impingement cooling with miniature 3D-printed heat sinks

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