Ubiquitous Charging

    Despite the rapid proliferation of EVs, range anxiety and slow charging rates remain the most significant obstacles to the global adoption of EVs. To overcome these obstacles, UTEV is developing fast and smart charging solutions that enable shorter charging times and widespread charging infrastructure. A primary focus of UTEV is to facilitate a ubiquitous charging network that is comprised of on-board, off-board, wireless, and battery-assisted stationary chargers that can quickly and conveniently alleviate range anxiety of EV owners cost-effectively.

    • On-board, fast, and wireless charging capability to reduce range anxiety

    • Innovations across the full spectrum: from power ICs to system-software, to facilitate the development of a universal charging network

    • Intelligent charging to lower infrastructure costs

    • Significantly reduced charge times with high-power chargers

    • Wireless charging coil designs with high efficiency for large receiver misalignments

    • High-efficiency converters for wireless charging

    • Optimization of compensation capacitors for high power factor operation across a wide range of receiver misalignments

    • Design of magnetic containment structures with finite element analysis software to ensure SAE specifications for leakage flux density

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