Collaboration ModelSponsored ResearchService ContractInternship
    Focus of collaborationDiscovery-based research, industry focussed research, IP generation, developing models, prototypes, and conceptsShort-term, deliverable-based engineering activity (design/implementation/testing) Training, either UTEV personel embedded in the company, or company staff embedded at UTEV as research associates
    Sponsored Research Agreement including IP Agreement
    Service Contract
    Visiting Researcher/Internship Contract
    Access to UTEV FacilitiesCase-by-case
    Access to UTEV Seminars
    Typical Duration1-4 years< 1 year< 6 months
    IP Generation
    Publication of research outcomesMandated by University Policy (subject to restrictions/patent protections in SRA)OccasionallyOccasionally
    Benefit to Company/PartnerCreation of new IP, and investigation of state-of-the-art and novel conceptsLeveraging UTEV expertise and infrastruture for short-term engineering projectsTraining/education, launching new partnerships and collaborations
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