Energy Storage

    UTEV is developing a holistic approach for transitioning batteries from EVs to stationary second-life applications. The utility of the battery surpasses that of its life in an EV. UTEV’s philosophy is to comprehensively deploy EV energy storage throughout the lifecycle of the battery. Once its primary role as an energy source in an EV is fulfilled, the battery can be utilized for secondary applications such as (i) backup energy source in microgrids, (ii) provide support services to the power grid, and (iii) mitigate output power fluctuations of renewable resources like solar and wind.

    • Holistic approach for transitioning batteries from electric vehicles to stationary second-life applications

    • Planning for optimized battery architectures and controls for both applications from the initial design

    • Second-life stationary storage for grid support and battery-assisted fast charging

    • Multi-use, fully exploits battery systems

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